Case Study

How good design & photography can mitigate a small budget for a product launch

FMCG product launch (for dogs) on a tight budget

New brand, eCommerce site, marketing materials & product photography

The three levels of human processing working together

About the project

Product launches are scary when you’re fronting up your own cash trying to make it a success. This was the situation when The Butcher’s Dog asked me to help them with their upcoming product launch. 

Armed with a great idea, they needed a brand, website and campaign materials all on a shoestring budget. I proposed to achieve the goal of a great customer experience and best possible path to repeat purchases (on a budget) a strategic allocation of the budget to different areas of the customer process would be the best path forward.

The strategy was based on the understanding of the way people process viscerally, behaviourally and reflectively. There was no way the budget was going to stretch to us achieving 100% in each of these categories so we picked the two which would work best for us to achieve our goal.

Visceral – The visual way we presented the products which could affect how people feel about the product.

Behavioural – The process by with they could buy the product and have it delivered. The path to purchase.

Reflective – The feeling they would have towards the product and brand after the product is delivered.

We would never have had enough budget to create the perfect custom built website so we chose to spend more on the visceral and reflective aspects. 

Extra special design and product photography would ensure the website images, brand materials and packaging looked professional. 

This strategy would only work if at the point of delivery we created a moment of delight to strengthen the reflective processing of the purchase decision.

The result was an authentic brand with fantastic product photography which was adaptable and flexible because of extensive pre-planning.

The website was an off-the-shelf solution which kept costs down. This was alleviated through the use of good design and photography throughout the site. Any pitfalls on the cart experience were hopefully mitigated because of this.

The final step was hand delivering products with a smile. Free samples and brochures were added to create a brand moment that was fun and authentic.

As the customer reflected on their purchase they would only remember the good and forgive any minor negatives.


During the first year the product launch proved to be a success.

We continuously supported it throughout with additional brand moments and communications direct to customers.

By the end of the year there were profits we could allocate to improving the behavioural process with a custom built website.

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