Design is in the details

This story on the importance of details in logo design and typography is pure joy.

Follow legendary type designer Doyald Young take you through the nuance of typography and lettering using examples of his own work.

There’s three things to note here:

One – This is so soooooooothing to me. It lulls me to a place of calm and tranquility. A mental state I wish I could hold on to forever.

Two – This is an example of why not all designers are created equal. That logo that your niece whipped up in Powerpoint is not equal to something thought out and crafted. You may prefer your nieces version that’s fine. But if you can’t see the difference, you shouldn’t feel too proud to fall back on the opinion of someone who can.

Three – Craft is often over emphasised in designers. We’re often told to focus on honing the craft. This is what makes you a better designer. I partially agree with this and Doyald is a prime example of this. But I must emphasise the designer that doesn’t broaden their horizons and better understand a huge variety of skills including business and compromise and teamwork is limiting themselves.

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