Make all the things

So I was quiet with work for a week and became a bit agitated…

You know how it is… If you’re passionate about what you do it generally means that you’re endlessly needing to do something.

In my case it’s create stuff… Make all the things! as I like to say.

But that week all the making had stopped and I was bouncing of the walls and annoying my wife and my dog.

When this happens I anguish. I often sit there thinking “I’m not being productive” and this stresses me, which isn’t healthy.

To pull myself out of the funk I force myself to catch up on exercise and then during that time invent new projects to do.

The new project

I often start by feebly try to write a blog post for the site or linkedin – but these inevitably get trashed because the doubter in me says “what a sh!t writer you are!” Then I turn to the physical and plan out some painting or sculpting. Two things I enjoy doing.

But last week it was so much more. First I updated my portfolio. Riveting stuff. Then I decided I needed a new website and clothing brand. Simple.

So I started off with a theme I knew a bit about. I live in Northcote so thought why not – and Northcote Threads was born.

I built a website, set up proper ecommerce (accepting credit cards) and came up with a huge range of designs for t-shirts and other apparel. It was great fun and now I have a good reason to get new t’shirts – they’re tax deductible samples!

At first I smashed the local concepts like landmarks together with previously well known designs like my “Ruckers Hill 3070” which is a play on Beverly Hills 90210 (for those under the age of thirty). Then I realised I could do so much more.

It was all happening so quickly I even sold a few! So I thought I better make use of this new site and spread the word. A bit of social stalking/marketing might help with that so stay tuned to see how it goes.

Whats the moral of the story?

Just do it.
Got a spark – set something on fire.
Progress over perfection.
Little steps make a long journey
and so many other cliches.

Maybe this will end up being a success, maybe not. Either way I’ve been super energised by the process and I think the next step is going to be a lot of fun.


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