New Work: Gourmet 88 Chilli Oil

Package design can be fun – Specially when the client is fun.

This was a tasty project.
My client wanted to create a Chilli Oil that was at the more gourmet end of the spectrum. Read: higher price tag. It would be the kind of product that would appear in Asian grocery stores and then move into gourmet food stores. The kind that inner city cool-cats shop at.
We instinctively knew that most traditional customers at the Asian grocery stores wouldn’t pay a premium for a product that they’ve been buying for decades. They have their loyalty. Maybe we could sway a small percentage of them to try it but our real hope was to introduce the product to a new and adventurous audience.
It was decided that everything should should target a younger, more westernised customer.
Armed with my client’s mum’s traditional recipe from Hong Kong, we paired it with a robust serving of punchy retro graphics. Inspired a little bit by Street Fighter!
To keep it premium, it is all Australian made from premium ingredients. This was a key differentiator. Other comparable products were made in China and often the packaging descriptions were also in Chinese.
Our use of use of English descriptions immediately affirm our locally made status. We pair that with funny catch phrases like “flavour is our secret weapon” and “one taste and you’ll forever be chasing the dragon” which appealed to our pop culture audience.
It worked!
All products are selling like crazy and stockists are reporting that mostly young non-asians are buying it.
Today we heard that IGA will start stocking it. Success and great feedback for out next product which will be a Gourmet Salt. As the client describes it: Like chicken salt, but more addictive!
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