New Work: Sense of Security

I’ve recently finished a major brand and website project for Sense of Security. SOS are a leading, independently owned, Cyber Security company operating in Australia.

They recently helped form CyberCX, a collective of Australian Cyber Security Companies, to become probably one of the biggest Cyber Security players in Australia.

I was lucky enought to be brought in very early and worked alongside market researchers. We got to know and understand the company from deep within and also investigate the pain points of clients and potential clients who use their services.

It was an exciting and eye-opening experience as I learnt so much about cyber security – the good and the scary.

After discussions we agreed that this was a refresh not a rebrand. I guided them through the brand process ensuring that along the way, we never lost site of the objectives.

The resulting brand system and design toolkit was adopted at every level of the company.

View the complete project here

Time to tackle the website

Part two was to take their dinosaur of a website, redesign and rebuild it to create something worthwhile to visitors, staff and the industry. It now serves as a one-stop portal for cyber security news, documentation, research and events.

View the finished site here:

If you need a new brand or website then let’s have a chat. I’ve  worked on sites such as Foodbank , online butchers Kingsmore, Sense of Security and even dog day care company Doggy Daycare Farm Trips.

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