Photography and retouching for The Butcher’s Dog

About This Project

Product launches are scary when you’re fronting up your own cash trying to make it a success. This was the situation when The Butcher’s Dog asked me to help them with their upcoming product launch. 

Armed with a great idea, they needed a brand, website and campaign materials all on a shoestring budget. I proposed to achieve the goal of a great customer experience and best possible path to repeat purchases (on a budget) a strategic allocation of the budget to different areas of the customer process would be the best path forward.

A considerable portion of the budget was allocated to making the product look its best. I mapped out an intricate photoshoot with a long shot list. The plan was to shoot everything on clean backgrounds and build it all in post. Every element you see was either shot individually or made digitally. The reason for this was to give us the biggest suite of image options to use across marketing materials, website and social for the smallest budget.

Within the images shown, many things have been built from scratch. Including the packaging, wrapping paper and backgrounds.

View the complete case study on why this strategy was a success.

Branding, Digital, Logotype, Retouching