Sharing cancer stories on Pink Ribbon Day

About This Project

Every year Cancer council hosts a Pink Ribbon Day campaign to encourage people across Australia to get involved and raise funds for female specific cancers.

I have built and designed many of these campaigns over the years but this one stood out in particular. As part of this campaign, we gathered a group of women affected by cancer personally. Together with world renown fashion photographer Jez Smith we created an empowering and often hilarious photoshoot with some very brave women.

While I was running around art directing the shoot with Jez, we also had a crew gathering video of their stories and experiences. This formed the basis of the campaign across news media, social media, print and digital advertising.

The photos from the shoot were then included in a multi-staged and target direct mail campaign.

My Role

Concepts, Art Direction, Design, Retouching

Branding, Campaign, Direct Mail, Print, Retouching, Strategy