Analytics dashboard design for Preventure wearable tech

Branding, Digital, Logotype, Print, UI & UX, Web Design
About This Project

What happens when you take the high-end wearable technology used on the sports fields and apply it to health and safety? You get Preventure – a company reinventing the Health & Safety industry.

Preventure needed a brand to reflect the complex data their wearable devices gathered and then a way to articulate that valuable information so people could learn and improve their physical health and safety.

My Role

After research and seeing how the product works, I created the Preventure Canary. A device that symbolises the early detection of dangerous activity. From here I created a comprehensive brand guide, website and supporting brand collateral.

The next step was to work closely with the developers to understand how we could translate the data gathered into a visual medium customers could easily interpret and learn from.