New brand & website for Sense of Security before acquisition

Branding, Copywriting, Digital, Logotype, Print, Strategy, Web Design
About This Project

Sense of Security are a leading, independently owned, Cyber Security company operating Australia wide. Having reached a considerable size, they conducted extensive market research to better understand their client’s pain points and their own company strengths with the view to improve their client service and better define their value proposition.

The exisiting brand collateral hadn’t changed in nearly a decade and look outdated. The research highlighted that this had a noticeable affect on clients’ perceptions of them as a leading cyber security provider.

My job was to modernise and build a brand toolkit that could be implemented by any person within the organisation without fancy software. So this meant it had to be Microsoft 365 friendly.

My Role

Initial discussions were held around what could and couldn’t be changed. It was decided that while a redesign was needed we would only stylistically evolve the logo rather than reinvent it.

The process in re-cutting the logo helped me to get a better feeling for its origins which became the catalyst for design elements used in the wider brand.

I created a comprehensive new design system with a toolkit of assets that employees could use across the company in various applications.

This was very important. As one of the key take-outs from the brief was to ensure that internally people could apply the new brand using programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Once a direction had been approved (and tested) I rolled it out across a huge variety of applications including the website.

The old website had amazing breadth and depth of content but none of it could be easily accessed due to the age of the website and the poor UX. The objective was to make the content more readily accessible and build it into a lead generating platform.

Working closely with a team of writers at The Copy Collective, I created a working prototype for them to write to. I designed an underlying structure modelled on predefined user personas – board level users, technical users, and general users.

Each customer segment was approaching the site with a different objective. We wanted to make their individual experiences to be more rewarding by creating value at every stage and encouraging them to make a request for further information.


The website is now easier to use and more visually appealing. Stats show we are getting deeper customer engagement rather than them dropping off from the first entry point.

The brand has filtered out extensively across many different mediums and staff are finding it easy to work with. Overall the staff have reported they are more proud to be working with a brand that now looks as good as their service offering.

The refresh has helped to elevate the company as a real leader in their industry and as a founding member of Cyber CX, Australia’s largest cyber security partnership, Sense of Security now have a brand, and the right tools, to better communicate their company mission.

It was a project I was very proud of and you can view it here.