New brand for UNHCR Peer-2-Peer fundraising

About This Project

UNHCR is a humanitarian aid organisation delivering much needed support to refugees all over the world. Their supporters are uniquely dedicated and passionate about the cause. UNHCR Australia became aware many people were taking on fundraising challenges in their name. They needed a way to support and inspire their advocates to do what they do best.

With passion like this we needed to create something that organically grew from the supporters. We needed to start at the grass roots and build up rather than project something down on to them.

  • New brand inspired by grass roots supporters
  • New custom online platform
  • Communications plan to motivate and inspire
  • Supporter Collateral

This project was undertaken in my role as Creative Director and Owner of March One. My design approach was to build something that had a hand-made flavour. I wanted the toolkit we created to look fun, bold and expressive. While we obviously were guided by a brand colour palette, I chose to push it to allow supporters to use any colour they liked. The downloadable assets were adaptable because we created a custom typeface they could download to personalise their own message.

Please read the full case study here

My Role

Project Management, Strategy, Art Direction, Design Strategy, Design

Branding, Digital, Logotype, Print, Product Design, Strategy