Team work to build a unified app experience for Vdrop

Branding, Digital, Logotype, UI & UX
About This Project

Vdrop is a video sharing app designed to connect business leaders, sport stars and brands directly to their teams, fans and customers to create meaningful and engaging conversations.

Initially running as three individual apps, we needed to create a unified experience for all user levels. Using Agile methodologies we swiftly iterated while still onboarding paying users.

Working with a team across borders in Australia and Europe, the strategy was to combine business objectives flowing in from European stakeholders and combine them with the needs of paying customers in Australia.

Working close with the CTO, I developed daily design iterations in prototype form to test user flows while pushing the potential of what the app could become in the future with some blue sky thinking.

The challenges we face were also the things that drove the project forward so rapidly. We worked with business leaders who were using the app for a niche purpose while we were also trying to commercialise the idea to make it more appealing to a wider audience.

The result was a perfect example of improvisation and collaboration before the project was temporarily shelved. It has been included here because the project was alive in the public for a brief time and I firmly believed in the result and potential.

I believe this to be a good example of my intuitive expertise to create and make sense of inputs from a multiple stakeholders. This is a skill I often need with many of my clients who work with me at a business level first and design level second.

I aim to get an understanding of their business goals so I can proactively preempt their creative needs. This also allows for very short briefing sessions where details are glossed over because I already have a fundamental understanding of what their goals and parameters are.

In the end this project was a lot fun. I met people from a variety of backgrounds and got to work with and amazing dev team.