The art of printing – The Rizzeria

I just wanted to do a quick shout out to a group of people I met during Sydney’s Design Festival.  The people from The Rizzeria, in Sydney, were hosting an event on how to Risograph print… and what the hell is that?

Risograph printing is a fast, affordable way of producing high-quality prints much like screen printing. It uses spot colours on plates to create a wide variety of print results.

I won’t go into the details because you can get super nerdy about it here at Wikipedia.

I just wanted to say how much fun it was and also what an amazingly affordable technique it is to achieve textural screenprinting results.

When it comes to technicality it is never perfect – think registration offset – but that’s the joy. The finished product has a wonderful quality that could really add value to your design.

This is one of the important parts of the design step. How are you going to produce your work physically so that it adds value to the way someone might interact with it.

When working with charities like Unicef or Red Cross I had to intentionally choose paper stocks and degrade image quality to achieve a more natural “budget” feeling to the designs.

If potential donors receive high quality polished brochures and letters they think of it as waste of money that could otherwise go to a starving child.

So I adopted techniques to both reduce costs and create a more unpolished feeling when the finished product is read.

Get inspired by what you can create from these photos “stolen” from their instagram.

I can’t wait to do more. My first job will be new business cards!




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