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The benefits of good product photography

Don’t invest time, money and energy into designing and creating a product only to be let down by the photography at the point of sale.

This is the message from so many ecommerce sites these days. Why would you invest your life savings and countless amounts of hours only to skimp at the end and use bad photos to display your products?

Taking semi-decent shots these days has never been easier. You can invest in a simple lightbox and use your phone and do better than more than 50% of the people on the internet. It’s such an easy win.

Working recently with a client we discussed the merits of decent product photography. Their needs were slightly different because rather than just shooting a product on a white background they needed a scene dressed to create a sense of authenticity, wholesomeness, trust and quality.

The process of this was to first plan the shoot on paper. I researched some food photography styles and found one they like. The next step was to sketch out potential compositions. We used these sketches to make the shoot process so much smoother and more cost effective. When you are paying a photographer by the hour you need to be organised!

We spent a week collecting all the props we’d need and shot it all in a day with another half day of retouching.

The final result was fantastic and they now have a suite of images they can use online in their store and across all their social media and marketing.

Why make the effort?

A professional shoot is more expensive as more time and money is spent in planning and art directing to get the best result. But the final result has better value for your business. In summary:

  • Quality images serve as a window into your store improving the speed of trust, quality and value. It’s the best first impression
  • Good photography increases conversion. Images are a key part of a customers decision-making process
  • Pictures appeal to mobile audiences more
  • Well art directed photography improves your brand image and identity.

Quality images = Quality product

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