Why you should rewrite your website

A clear and concise homepage structure will help convert your visitors into customers.

So many websites are style over substance. Packed with design features, they do well for the designer who created them but neglect to inspire action in your customers.

Now more than ever, the clarity of your home page is key to doing the heavy lifting for your business. Your website is a business tool. It should be performing in alignment with your business objectives. Otherwise, it is just a burdensome beast that sits on your shoulder telling you to pump out another blog post that you’re not inspired to write.

Time-on-site vs Time-well-spent

We’ve all searched online for a recipe only then to scroll endlessly through 500 words of an irrelevant back story to get to the part that shows the recipe.

This time-wasting process is designed to keep you on the site for longer. Which looks good in the site’s Analytical data and is used as a metric for selling advertising on that page. This also tricks the SEO overlords into thinking that there is valuable content on this page and to rank it better on Google.

These tricks won’t last much longer as algorithms get tweaked. This excessive irrelevant information is not ‘time-well-spent’.

Time-well-spent means your visitor got what they were looking for and had a pleasant experience in the process. You’ve just made a friend. You can provide them with links to more great things perhaps they’ll stick around.

Your home page has one purpose – to get people to take action.

I use two methods for structuring website home pages and landing pages. This series of posts will focus on the StoryBrand method.

What is the StoryBrand method?

The StoryBrand method was created by Donald Miller. It’s a framework for helping you to clarify your brand message and craft it so it speaks to your audience.

  1. A character (your customer)
  2. With a problem
  3. Meets a guide (your business)
  4. Who gives them a plan (your service or product)
  5. And calls them to action
  6. To avoid failure
  7. And achieve success

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How to write your homepage

The easiest way is to get me to do it. The slightly longer way can be done in a few steps. Read the next post in the series to learn more detail and how you can do it yourself.

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