ChildFund child sponsor onboarding program

About This Project

To solve the problem of new sponsor parents getting cold feet, a warm and reassuring communication program was put together to take them on a journey through the first two months.

The first step was to fully understand the emotions new sponsors go through. The client had a large amount of quantitative data but not much qualitative. After a series of conversations with frontline personnel who process cancellations, more insights were gathered about a Sponsor’s state of mind.

What resulted was a robust comms plan designed to assure sponsors and share the direct positive effect they have on a child. I designed a range of Direct Mail packs with inbetween email communications that automatically trigger keep to the conversation going.

Day 1: A child profile pack with welcome gift of a writing kit with stationery. Designed to encourage new sponsors to introduce themselves to the new sponsor child.

Day 14: Welcome pack with everything you need to know about child sponsorship. Includes an engagment activity.

Day 28: Friendship pack designed to encourage the sharing of photos and strengthen the social connection

Day 48: Video and email showing ideas for writing letters and how you can build a rewarding relationship.

Other emails were sent throughout the process reminding sponsors all the way what is happening and sharing with them personal stories from other sponsors and children.

My Role

Concept, Art Direction, Design, Font Design,

Branding, Copywriting, Direct Mail