What excites you right now?

Have you seen Free Solo? Its the new documentary in cinemas about Alex Honnold’s epic desire to rock climb El Capitan… without a rope.

Rock climbing is tough. I’ve been doing it for 20 years and watching him attempt a 3000ft (nearly 1km) of vertical granite without any safety gear was palm sweating insanity – and I was only watching him do it.

It got me thinking about what excites me right now. Few people could compare to Honnold’s desire to achieve the pinnacle of human endurance… but this in no way should lessen what it is that’s exciting you right now. I see it as the epic struggle of comparing ourselves to others.

Ambition vs Contentment

Desire vs Happiness

Worrying about tomorrow vs Enjoying today

As I walked out of the cinema slacked jawed about how diminutive my ambitions are compare to this rock climbing god I quickly did an audit of the last 12 months and surprisingly they’ve been pretty amazing.

So today I wanted to ask you the same. What excites you right now?

Of all of the possibilities in front of you, what’s getting you out of bed in the morning?

I found it easier to define when I thought about the work or activities that make me feel inspired every day.

12 months I made career changes by leaving my Agency behind (secretly…best decision ever). I have since created another more sustainable business which has taken me in many different directions. I now focus on doing work that interests me. I’ve still been creating brands, building websites, designing campaigns and the like but I’ve also been pursuing my art considerably more.

So today ask yourself, of your work and pursuits, what makes you feel alive and inspired?

When you’re doing something that lights your fire – that fire lights up those around you.

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