How to write your website – Part 1

Are you struggling to know where to start to write your website copy? This proven method will help you articulate everything important to your customers.

Knowing how to sell your story to your customers will increase your sales… but that story is not how you started your company 11 years ago.

Your story is the unique thing that sets you, your business and your product or service apart from anyone else. It is your collection of value propositions that will help a customer understand you and choose to buy from you.

When applying this to your website, adopting a bit of system thinking, like the Minto Pyramid Principal, will help your customers solve their problems more quickly and they’ll feel better for it – and like you more for it.

The Storybrand framework, created by Donald Miller is one such way to communicate your value. It directly helps you better articulate your story with clarity and simplicity. It’s clarity and simplicity that helps your message cut through the noisy world.

I’ve used this method for many clients and swear by its effectiveness. I’ve seen it improve conversion for websites, improve email open rates and most notably shift people’s perceptions at how marketing works.

The BIG benefit to you is, once you understand the framework, it makes you a better writer, marketer and salesperson.

What you need to know and do

  1. Know who your audience is
  2. Know what problems they have that your business can solve
  3. Create a Storybrand script for your business

1. Know your audience 

People are time poor. They want things quickly and to want use the least amount of energy to get it. This is a fact. Just think of yourself. When you’re surfing the web do you like to wade through someone’s backstory to get to the point?

  • When we speak to people we want to use simple language not flowery words
  • Get to the point, cut through the small talk
  • Be engaging and active
  • Solve people’s problems

2. Know the problems they are trying to solve

When it comes to telling your story to a customer, nobody will listen if you aren’t speaking directly to their problems.

The simplest way to achieve this is to identify why they are on your site, what brought them there and what is their perfect outcome. 

By putting yourself in their shoes you’ll work out the internal problems they’re facing that your products or services will solve. Your message will directly say how you can help your customer solve their problem. Solve a problem, make a sale. Simple.

When you understand how they feel, and your message reflects that, they open up and lean in. They’re engaged.

3. Create the Storybrand script

If you have the time, start by reading the book. It will help immensely.

You will eventually write a brand script for each marketing funnel you want to create. For example, you create a brand script for the homepage of your website. Then you create a new script for each specific product landing page. Every marketing email you send out is also a new brand script. And so on.

Once you understand the formula, writing becomes easy and natural.

  • A character
  • Has a problem.
  • Meets a guide
  • Who offers them a plan
  • And challenges them to take action
  • To avoid failure
  • And achieve success

The next step will go into detail on breaking down this script and provide you with templates you can use on your own website.

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