Salty Seattle colourful pasta madness

Salty Seattle colourful pasta madness

These fantastic safron rice raviolis were made by Linda Miller Nicholson otherwise known as Salty Seattle

This colourful pasta is a joyous way to bring design to food. Linda works with all natural ingredients for her dyes and adds it to her pasta dough.

I can’t say much more about it from a design point of view other than how inspirational that someone thought to do this and then turned it into an art form and business!

If you think you’ll try this at home you can get her cookbook. Linda’s secret is:

The shorter the amount of time the pasta is in the water, the better the color will hold.

This is surely the perfect dinner solution for stubborn kids who’ve embraced the Anti Gluten brigade!

You can see how she does it on YouTube, and check heaps more of her pasta magic on Instagram.

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